First Respondent Program

Click here and you will find a Pre-Authorization Form with the pricing information listed. When we receive the completed form, we automatically schedule inspection and subsequent clean up work after the storm passes, even if there is no electric or telephone service due to the storm damage. This will hopefully put your mind at ease in the event you are either at your summer residence or have evacuated the area.

We will also document your landscape and/or structural damage and the extent of debris on your property with the use of digital cameras. We will then make every effort to communicate with you by any means available so you can properly notify your insurer or FEMA complete with the photographs. Please be advised you should have photos of the inside and the outside of your property and possessions.

Thank you for the opportunity to better serve you as our customers!


Joseph A. Lombari, President

3 Season’s Lawn & Landscape, Inc.

Our Tree Division